How I…Clean my makeup brushes

Using brushes to do makeup is cool, cleaning them…not so much.
Today I wanted to share with you a simple and painless method to take ’em back to almost new.

How I

I guess (well, I hope) you already know that cleaning your makeup brushes is fundamental: after a while they become little amusement parks for bacteria, which can cause blemishes and irritation; cleaning them can help you avoid those annoying consequences and also prolong the life of your brushes (and when we’re talking about expensive brushes we all want them to last practically forever!).

I’ve discovered this method a while ago but never tried it until last week and I must say: from now on it’s gonna be my official method for cleaning brushes! This DIY cleaner is by the wonderful Michelle Phan and she explains it step-by-step in this post. Thanks Michelle for sharing it!



Basically it’s all about preparing an (apparently odd) mix of dish soap and olive oil and using it as a shampoo to clean the brushes; so far I’ve always used baby shampoo or delicate soap but my sensation is that this dish soap+olive oil combo works better.


  1. Pour some dish soap and some olive oil on a plate, about 2 parts of dish soap and 1 1/2 olive oil;
  2. stir the brush in the mixture in a circular motion and you’ll see some makeup starting to come off;
  3. rub your hand with the brush to release all the makeup and the shampoo;
  4. rinse the brush with LUKEWARM water until the water coming out is clear (never ever wash your brushes with hot water: it could damage the bristles and melt the glue that keeps the brush together…you’ll end up with two useless pieces);
  5. place the clean brush on a paper towel and go on with the others (yes, this will take a while);
  6. after cleaning all the brushes gently wipe them with a paper towel to remove the excess water and delicately take ’em back to their original shape (fundamental);
  7. drying: I let my brushes dry placing them on the edge of the table, with the handle laying on the table and the bristles hanging loose; this way the bristle will not flatten and will keep the right shape.

That’s it, done.

I do this boring work at least once/twice a month and more frequently I clean them with a spray antibacterial brush cleaner, this one; the spray allows me to use the same brush with different colours and it kills bacteria.


What do you use to clean your makeup brushes?
Do you have any other DIY cleaner to share?
Tell me on the comments below!


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