Fashion WTF: Slippers

I guess Birkenstock and Crocs weren’t enough, ’cause important brands seem to be taking the field of lowering hormones in every way possible.

I love fashion, as I guess you’ve already understood; I like keeping myself up-to-date on new trends, looking photos from the runways and dream, dream, dream.
However, sometimes I find myself looking from a distant point of view at season must-haves, those clothes or accessories that famous bloggers and trend-setter celebrities crave for so much while my reaction’s kinda this:


I obviously realize that taste is subjective and that my opinion is nothing more than one among so many others but at times I have the impression that what makes those items so popular is their brand and price, along with the need of feeling above the lines creating an edgy look with pieces presented as “love it or hate it”, aka “ugly, maybe, but so expensive you can’t afford it, bitches“.
There’s something that just couldn’t miss in this first post for the section “Go home fashion, you’re drunk”: furry slippers.


Let’s begin with the most famous, I guess, presented by Céline in the last spring collection.


Source: google “Céline fur slippers”, simple as that.

Now, let’s talk about this, calmly: what he have here are pool slippers with fur on the inner sole, there’s a chance I’m not seeing well while my eyes are bleeding so please correct me if I’m getting something wrong.
The only person on earth I could possibly accept wearing those “things” is Don Hector Salamanca; long ribbed cream socks and furry slippers seem to be a perfect match to order slaughters from a wheelchair. With a bell.

But why am I talking about stuff from last year’s collections? ‘Cause it seems the nightmare is not over yet.


Source: the awesome “General mix of the week”, by Giulia of

Sandro’s 2014 Lookbook: pool slipper with studs and two-coloured sole.


Alessandra Ambrosio for Pinko 2014

If there’s something online shopping taught me is: if it looks bad on the model, forget it.
Well, if even Alessandra Ambrosio looks like a homeless girl with a passion for drugs, I guess there’s nothing some studs and glitters could do to improve the situation.

The women who invented AR Wear, the anti-rape underwear, probably didn’t consider these slippers, or maybe they were just trying to develop a cheaper solution.

To conclude I would like to point out, again, that this is my point of view, don’t get upset if yours is different.
I believe, though, that good taste can’t be considered subjective and that even if the combination of chic clothes with trash shoes can be a nice creative hazard perfect for runway, it doesn’t mean it should be replicated in real life. So, ENOUGH.

At my signal, unleash hell in the comment section below.



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