Fashion WTF: Slippers reloaded

A brand new episode of Fashion WTF, about “shoes” again.


Do you remember the last WTF? The one about slippers. Well, nothing seems to be changed, Birkenstock-like slippers are still pretty everywhere, on fashion editorials, lookbooks, catwalks and street style.

An annoying hiccup in fashion evolution that makes people think going out on slippers is socially acceptable. Eww.

Ho il sospetto che sia tutto uno scherzo, un test o una scommessa del tipo “perché non produciamo la cosa più orribile che ci viene in mente, magari ne regaliamo anche un po’ a qualche blogger, e vediamo se qualcuno alla fine se la compra?”. Jackpot.

My suspect: this is all a joke, a test or maybe a bet; something like “hey, why don’t we create the most horrible thing we could ever come up with, maybe donating some to a bunch of bloggers, and see if someone buys it?”. Jackpot.


When it comes to potentially universal choices the fundamental question should be: what would alien think if they’d come visit us right now?

Something like that sense of duty you feel when you clean up the entire house until two seconds before right before your parents arrive: what would they think about the dirty socks in the salad bowl?


If there’s something on earth more nonsense than slippers conceived as regular shoes is slipper+fur. I already got serious goosebumps at the sight of Céline’s slippers but this time is huge: Gucci (Fall 2015, MFW) made me want to drill down my eyes with a well-sharpened pencil.

Well well, what do we have here?

  • Grandpa’s slippers with extra-fur
  • Ugly feet in ugly sandals
  • Two poor bunnies with feet stuck up in their asses

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