Current stuff: nuns, Super Bowl and white galore

A random-y selection of what I currently like/I’m obsessed with.

Music & video stuff:

Can’t get this song out of my head and the video is awesome. Must be watched.

Super Bowl stuff:

Not only a huge sport event (I confess I don’t actually care much about watching sports on tv) but also a huge moment for the advertising industry: new, funny, touching, weird commercials. Here’s a selection of what we have so far.

More Kim

Kim Kardashian may have exceeded the hype generated by her oily ass on Paper Magazine with this commercial for T-Mobile, where she makes fun of her own addiction to selfies:


Mercedes-Benz and the plot twist (aka the american action movie version of the tale “The Tortoise and the Hare”):

La lacrimuccia

Budweiser goes for the emotional path again for #BestsBuds.
I’m sensitive to dogs and puppies, I know, but this commercial is so ridicolously sweet.


While waiting for the complete version, here’s the Snickers commercial teaser featuring Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady, from uber-famous 70’s show “The Brady Bunch“:

White stuff:

I’ve been quite obsessed with white lately. Especially white on white, on a white background. And it gets even better when all is exquisitely minimal.
It could be this 90’s fashion comeback, or the fact that is freaking cold outside and I instantly think about snow. Who knows.

Well, here’s some all white inspiration directly from my Pinterest profile (go check it out if you haven’t already).


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