Bizarre Runway

There are many ways to present a fashion collection, there’s who keeps it simple with only models wearing clothes and accessories and who likes to contextualize the whole thing.
The Fashion Month just ended and the time has come to observe its legacy.


Since I can’t attend runways I like spending hours watching photos and videos of what last month’s Fashion Weeks gave to the world.
The result? Apart from wanting to become a millionaire as soon as possible (any suggestions?), my head is currently full of fur, zippers, flames, prints, wool, Mc Donald’s, fringes…and obviously some proper WTFs.

Sometimes runways become out-and-out performances (instead of events for works personnel) with live concerts and incredible props: bloggers get over the moon and Instagram is filled with blurry pics.



During New York Fashion Week oversized coats, solid colours (a few prints) and asymmetric cuts were presented in front of a chocolate falls, 400 pounds of chocolate to be precise (which is roughly 180 kilos, almost two Beth Dittos).
Willy Wonka wouldn’t have done better. Check it out here.


Moving to Paris Fashion Week we find the artistic runway created by Iris van Herpen, the dutch designer who decided to crystallize some models into huge plastic bags.
Yes, just like storing pillows.


Artistic installation by Lawrence Malstaf at Iris van Herpen’s runway

A super wow and super creepy effect, it reminds me of Han Solo trapped in carbonite.
Let’s just talk a little about the shoes: I’m a bit confused, it’s one of those things I don’t understand whether I love or hate and my brain goes haywire leaving me with only one certainty: it must be the most uncomfortable things on earth, as long as you figure out how to put your feet in.


Did you know?: Bjork’s dress for “Biophilia” album cover was designed by Iris van Herpen and also Lady Gaga, naturally, seems to really like this designer.


This must be the only supermarket in the world where two more slices of ham would cost you at least 1.000 dollars more than you predicted. “I said 100 grams and I want 100 grams, I already used all the gold bars to unlock the cart. Ok??”.


Was all this really necessary for such a collection? I really liked those hourglass-shaped dresses and coats but seriously, Karl, enough with those perforated jumpsits.

And stop it with that face.

Chanel  : Front Row  - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

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…And the best source ever.

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