About MissThePoint

WHO’S MISS THE POINT? Hi! I’m Sara, freshly graduated girl and compulsive procrastinator from Italy. Besides my issues with time management, I’m a fashion lover with a passion for everything that concerns beauty (I’m seriously obsessed with makeup, I admit it). Sometimes I like spending my time messing around with photo-retouching and vectorial graphics in Linux (using Gimp and Inkscape). I love listening to music of all kinds, I’m seriously addicted to tv series and sometimes I pretend to be a singer (stay tuned for more news about this). Above all, though, what really makes me want to jump out of the bed in the morning and gives me a feeling of happiness is food. Nothing makes me feel more satisfied than some delicious food prepared with love (so you’ll not be that much surprised about my passion for cooking). WHY MISS THE POINT? Well, I miss the point of a lot of things. I miss the point of combining dark blue with black, of skinny girls struggling to get skinnier, I miss the point of war, nuclear energy, winter… Thus, I’m going to talk about things I understand and others which I don’t. WHAT’S MISS THE POINT? It’s a blog. A blog about stuff. I created this blog to share with you everything I love, discover and do. Hope you like it

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